Hits N Giggles

A culminating group project done for a game dev course. It was a lot of fun to work on and was a resounding success.


  • Local multiplayer with support for 4 usb controllers as well as keyboard WASD/arrow keys.
  • 2 playable characters with their own unique look and different abilities.
  • A “comeback mechanic” where you get a special weapon when you have 25% health. the rabbit gets throwable bottles in place of his melee attack, the bear gets a hammer with more knockback and damage.
  • Robust physics prop/gibs system. Props can be thrown at other players and have their own unique properties. Crates will sometimes contain other props.
  • 2 functional maps, each with their own unique hazards and traps.
  • Music player that plays the music in the game music folder, you can replace the included music with your own if you want.

The alpha demo:

The final product:

You can download it here.

Space Frog

For an assignment I had to make an asteroids clone. I kept track of my progress with some videos. For fun i added some procedural parallax clouds.

Stroller Simulator

This was a simple thing i made while learning how to use Unity.

It started out with a simple randomly generated path and a stroller that continually rolls along it.

The path was too rough so i replaced it with a randomly generated mesh.

Next, I added particles.

I used this little project in a presentation about Unity in one of my electives.



This was an academic group project for the computer graphics course i took. We had to write our own raytracer and implement several things such as shadows, motion blur and antialiasing.

Our final version had antialiasing with some basic supersampling, motion blur, randomly sampled soft shadows, refraction and more.

It started with a simple sphere being rendered.

Next, we added basic shadows and played around with reflectivity of surfaces.

Our shadows looked ugly so we refined them.

Next, we implemented motion blur.

We also wanted to import a 3D model so we grabbed a random trash can model online.

We also implemented a Cornell box and a few other things.

Overall it was an interesting project, ignoring the few sleepless nights we spent trying to get everything working before the submission date.